The Student Summit gave co-ops a chance to meet and engage in innovative workshops.

1st Annual Student Summit Brings Interns Together

On July 29, ninety-five Doosan and Bobcat interns from 16 universities participated in the 1st Annual Student Summit held at the company’s Acceleration Center in Bismarck, North Dakota. The event was designed to create networking opportunities for the students, expose them to the collaborative atmosphere at the Acceleration Center and teach them new innovation techniques.

During their time at the Acceleration Center, the interns completed a strengths-based training course to learn how their strengths apply to their work and completed an activity using an online tool to brainstorm ideas to get more students excited to work at Doosan. The one-hour exercise resulted in 180 ideas, which the students later voted on.

Later, attendees toured the Acceleration Center and separated into four breakout sessions led by the Acceleration Team, which specializes in facilitating collaborative innovation and ideation activities for employees. During these breakout sessions, the interns learned about various ideation tools and brainstormed ideas to engage customers of the future, smart device tools and ideas, jobsite logistics, and future Bobcat equipment controls and connections.

“The talented students who make up our internship program are the future of our company and industry, so we are happy to invest in them through events like the Student Summit,” said Ashley Smoley, University Relationship Representative. “The Acceleration Center provided a perfect backdrop for our co-ops to spend time together and learn about our company’s focus on innovation.”


The interns filled out a survey after the event to share their thoughts about the Student Summit. One intern wrote, “The Student Summit was an awesome demonstration of the direction Bobcat Company is taking and is one of the main reasons I hope come back to Bobcat full-time.”

Opened in 2014, the Acceleration Center is the company’s state-of-the-art research and development facility that includes a modern and collaborative office environment, ample lab space for testing and ideation, and an indoor driving arena allowing equipment to be driven and tested year-round.