Doosan Day of Community Service Encourages Employees to Give Back

About three times a year, hundreds of employees from Doosan sites across North America come together to participate in Doosan Days of Community Service, days where employees can use company time to give back to their communities. Since 2014, 2,819 employees have volunteered 8,272 hours to 96 nonprofit organizations through employee volunteer events.

Employee volunteers choose from a variety of activities, including working at local food banks, schools and medical facilities; doing yardwork and home maintenance for disabled people; and performing landscape and construction work at parks, zoos, community and recreational facilities and other attractions.

Doosan facilities in Fargo, Gwinner, Bismarck and Wahpeton, North Dakota; Suwanee, Georgia; Statesville, North Carolina; and Litchfield, Minnesota, organize projects and participation.

The events place a large emphasis on the “Doosan Way,” an organizational principle that links all Doosan employees’ values to a management system focused on community and social responsibility that can be incorporated into their daily lives. Doosan and all its subsidiaries have long believed that the organization and its employee should support the environments, communities and partnerships that contribute to the company’s success.


“We believe that investing in the communities in which we live and work is a key part of being a responsible corporate citizen,” said Doosan North America President Rich Goldsbury. “The fact that so many of our employees take time to give back really makes us proud as an organization and speaks to the character of our people.”

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